What we can do for you

Trial Data Solutions offers you all the support you need to get your clinical trial running, with safe datamanagement, as quickly as possible. We work with LibreClinica, OpenClinica and with Castor which are all used for academic and non-profit trials.

If you want to read more about LibreClinica, click here, if you want to read more about OpenClinica, click here and if you want to read more about Castor, click here.

Our activities include:
- training in LibreClinica, OpenClinica or Castor of users re. studysetup, CRF-design, dataentry, dataquality control, dataextract, etc.
- designing CRFs in LibreClinica, OpenClinica or Castor for your study
- (training in) writing validations
- coaching and advice by Skype
- writing utilities for tailormade extra's
- customizing LibreClinica, OpenClinica or Castor to the needs of your organisation
- installation of LibreClinica or OpenClinica on one of your own systems
- installation of LibreClinica orOpenClinica on a remote server (hosting)
- installation of Lindsay Stevens' OpenClinica Community DataMart
- setting up interfaces between LibreClinica, OpenClinica or Castor and other systems, using web-services
- setting up the infrastructure to collect data with LimeSurvey or off-line with ODK and importing them into LibreClinica or OpenClinica
- preparing your data for SPSS or SAS
- setting up LabKey and importing data from your edc into it

Maybe what you are looking for is already documented on this site: have a look at the how-to-pages.

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Please contact us at info@trialdatasolutions.com.



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