About Castor

This page is about Castor. If you're already familiar with the product and you're interested in what Trial Data Solutions can do for you, go to the main page.
If you have a specific question or problem, contact us.

If you are not sure whether it is best to choose OpenClinica or Castor: contact us so we can discuss your situation and find what's best suited for you. (And don't worry: we have no financial interests in either one of them.)

what does it do?

Castor is Software as a Service designed for data-management of clinical trials. It runs on servers maintained by Castor via the internet, so you can conduct a trial in several sites all over the world, provided they are connected to the internet.
You can define a study, centers, users and roles for them. Then you design your structure, called phases and finally you build your forms, which come in three flavours: steps, reports and surveys. These surveys can be completed by the participants of your study.

how difficult is it to build forms?

If you know what items you want on your forms and you know what kind of responses you want and which options to choose from, Castor is pretty straightforward. All items will be displayed as one long list.

what about validations, discrepancies and queries?

Castor has a system for validations and notes and the result can range from a message, via a warning to an error or to an exclusion, which stops all entry. You can specify both uni-variate and multi-variate checks. Plus notes can be added to any data-point.
You don't have time to learn all that? Let us do it for you.

so it's easy to get data in, but how do I get my data out again to do an analysis?

At any given moment during your trial you can get the complete dataset, or a subset. Once you have defined this set you can choose the format: CSV, xlsx or SPSS.
The SPSS-data comes with a syntax-script that applies labels to all Variables and Values.

can I import data from for example my lab-system?

Castor can import data in CSV- and xlsx-format. Contact us if you want advice on interfacing with Castor, or if you want us to set this up for your trial.

that sounds good, but: how much does it cost?

In 2019 Castor stopped with their one-price-for-all-policy, meaning that when you want to run a "commercial" study, you must contact them and they will negotiate a price with you. If you have a "non-commercial" study you can calculate the costs by using their online pricing tool. Prices have been varying (that's a nice word for "rising") over time, so be sure to check that page.



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