can I use this?

You may have landed on this page while searching for OpenClinica CRF's or for LibreClinica CRF's. Rest assured: LibreClinica is the successor of OpenClinica and all the examples presented here can be used in both OpenClinica and LibreClinica.
On this page you can read more about the difference between OpenClinica and LibreClinica.

Sample CRF's

If you've come to this page after watching these youtube-video's: the CRFs can be found here and here.

Here are some other CRFs you can use to get started with LibreClinica. For more information about creating a new CRF or a new version of an existing CRF, see our how-to-pages.

SampleCRF.xls shows where the different items on the XL-sheet show up in the CRF.

SimpleCRFWithBMI.xls is an example of a CRF with a calculated field.

TDSUsingTip.xls is an example of a CRF with extra instructions that are displayed when you position the mouse above the word Instructions. (See this page for an explanation.)

CRFWithImage.xls is a CRF with an image plus link.

SF36_DUTCH.xls is a Dutch version of the SF-36 questionnaire.