How to's in LibreClinica / OpenClinica

Here is a page with some examples of CRF's and here is another one with our top 5 pages of this section.

We put some pages together to show you how easy it is to use LibreClinica / OpenClinica. All information here was written for OpenClinica, but all of it can be used in LibreClinica, as it is fully compatible.
(On this page you can read more about the difference between OpenClinica and LibreClinica.)

Use the following links for a description of the basic functionality of LibreClinica / OpenClinica and some more advanced topics:



Conducting a study




A lot of the information here was also submitted to the WikiBook OpenClinica User Manual.



  • libreclinica v1.2.1 released

    → more      11-11-2022

  • libreclinica v.1 released

    → more      27-2-2020

  • defaults in a grid

    → more      9-2-2018

  • an automatic row number

    → more      9-1-2017

  • workshop java-script

    → more      12-7-2015

  • de-selecting radio's in a group

    → more      9-12-2014