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This page is about OpenClinica. If you're already familiar with the product and you're interested in what Trial Data Solutions can do for you, go to the main page.
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OpenClinica was around 2002 the first organisation to release open-source software for electronic data capture, EDC. This was a tremendous opportunity for academic and non-profit organisations to improve the quality of their datamanagement.
Around 2015 OpenClinica 4 was released and this was "closed-source" software from the start. OpenClinica 3.x uses many libraries that are out-of-date and because of that a small group decided to to create a fork of the code and start LibreClinica. In other words: OpenClinica is the ancestor of LibreClinica.

I still have a 3.x version running: can you assist us with that?

Clinical trials can be running for years, so there are numerous OpenClinica-installations out in the open that must be kept alive, until the last-patient-last-visit. If you need help with that, please contact us.
And of course you can also ask us to migrate your OpenClinica-instance to LibreCLinica and be future-proof.

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