How to's in OpenClinica

Here is a page with some examples of CRF's and here is another one with our top 5 pages of this section.

We put some pages together to show you how easy it is to use OpenClinica. Most OpenClinica-screens have extra descriptive messages on the left, under "Instructions". Some have links to extended help, indicated by a large questionmark.

Use the following links for a description of the basic functionality of OpenClinica and some more advanced topics:



Conducting a study




A lot of the information here was also submitted to the WikiBook OpenClinica User Manual.



  • defaults in a grid

    → more      9-2-2018

  • an automatic row number

    → more      9-1-2017

  • a clickable Google map

    → more      9-1-2016

  • tomcat6 & 7

    → more      18-8-2015

  • workshop java-script

    → more      12-7-2015

  • deselecting radio's in a group

    → more      9-12-2014